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How would Jimmy Wales describe India in one line?

Answer by Jimmy Wales:

It is impossible to describe the whole of this wonderful amazing country, with its incredible diversity of people and culture, in a single line.

How would Jimmy Wales describe India in one line?


Do Microsoft employees use Google at the office?

Answer by Manas Paldhe:

I am studying at Purdue University. Companies come here to hire students for full time and internship positions. Like many others, Microsoft too came.
I attended the talk by Microsoft employees. The talk was about the new software and technology being developed at Microsoft.

During the presentation showing off a software or technology the presenter said, "Suppose you want to know about something. You goo." A short pause followed by applause by the audience. All including the Microsoft employees start laughing. After a minute, the presenter continues ""Suppose you want to find something. You bing it." And then goes on..


Do Microsoft employees use Google at the office?